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      Features of Fully Automatic Filling Machine

      Mar. 12, 2020

      Today Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier introduces the characteristics of automatic filling machines.

      The feature of the automatic filling machine is that the empty bottles transferred from the bottle conveying line are sent to the turntable accurately by the bottle feeding wheel mechanism. When it is lifted up, the bottle mouth will automatically open after contacting the filling valve for filling. After the filling is completed, the bottle will be automatically pulled out into the bottle transfer line. Such as the use of Cosmetic Liquid Cream Packing Machine. The machine is equipped with an automatic protection device. If a bottle jam occurs, the machine will automatically stop to protect human and machine safety.

      Cosmetic Liquid Cream Packing Machine

      Cosmetic Liquid Cream Packing Machine

      The leading technology of automatic filling machine lies in the following ten points:

      1. High precision: When the calibration capacity is 500 mm, the average error is ± 1.5 ml.

      2. High speed: 250-300 bottles / hour per valve, stepless speed change.

      3. Large capacity: The filling volume can be adjusted steplessly between 150-800 ml.

      4, a wide range: can be used for a variety of special-shaped bottles, and easy to change the bottle shape adjustment.

      5. No liquid loss: The bottle mouth is closed for filling, and the liquid is sprayed on the inner wall of the bottle, which can not afford hops or spill.

      6. No broken bottle: It is equipped with a flexible bottle supporting device, which is not restricted by the height and short of the bottle. The bottle is not in place, does not break the bottle, and does not damage the machine.

      7. Automatic protection: Overload clutch protection device is set at the dial wheel for entering and exiting the bottle, and it will automatically stop the alarm when abnormal situation occurs.

      8. Automatic liquid level control: The liquid level control adopts float ball liquid level control device to control the liquid level stability.

      9, electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment of quantitative, LCD digital display accurate display.

      10. Soft start: When the machine is turned on, the machine slowly rises from a low speed to a set speed. There is no rigid impulse.

      Automatic Liquid Packing Machine is mainly composed of filling, upper inner stopper, inner stopper, upper outer cover, screw outer cover, PLC control, etc. The machine is driven by a cam, with accurate positioning and stable transmission. The PLC automatically controls the entire process of filling, pressing inside plugs, and screwing. It can also be equipped with a fully automatic injection molding machine, which directly enters the filling system from the blowing bottle to prevent cross infection. The entire process is completed under sterile conditions. No bottle washing and drying required. This machine is suitable for the production of small-dose preparations such as eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, and wind oil essence.

      The proposal of the full-automatic filling machine has made many companies using the filling machine have an updated view. The automatic filling machine is a machine that blends the filling machine with other packaging equipment, breaking the traditional single-machine Limitations have greatly improved the production efficiency and the automation of the equipment. The entire operation process is from the raw material entering the filling machine to the beginning of filling, and then the packaging of the product container, and finally the sealing. Related to the traditional filling machine, the full-automatic filling machine is more sensitive, and can be adjusted according to different product requirements, and then completes a multi-function machine, which reduces the company's investment in production equipment.


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