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      Home > Products > Automatic Blister Packing Machine
      Automatic Blister Packing Machine

      DPP-400 Blister Packing Machine


      It is used for tablet, capsule, pill, honey pill, candy, liquid, paste, disposable syringe in regular and irregular shaped Alu/PVC, Alu/Alu or Paper /Alu in the field of pharmaceutical, health product, foodstuff, cosmetic , medical instrument and etc.

      DPP-400 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

      Max Forming Depth27mm
      Cutting Frequency10-30times/min
      Main Power6.5KW
      Power Supply380 50Hz
      Packing FilmForming Film 0.15-0.5mm*3600mm    Sealing Film0.02-0.08*3600mm
      Machine Weight2000kgs
      Machine Size4000*600*1650mm

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